The Beginning

How did our passion for sailing begin? Where did this idea come from?

I was working on trying to decide on a name for my essential oil “company”. I am a Wellness Advocate through doTERRA essential oils, and my mentor told me that business cards were essential (pun intended) if I want to be an effective sharer and actually see growth in my team. To begin with, I wanted to have a name that would be our email address for all things oils. The beginning of my brand. So I went to Google for help. One of the tips I found was to try to come up with a name that includes your favorite oil. We have so many, that our list was a bit much. Stephen suggested cedarwood, sandalwood, juniper, etc. I said lavender, rosemary, serenity, and lime, just to name a few. We tried a few combinations, but none really seemed to work. Then I landed on Serenity’s Embrace. Serenity oil was our selling point on essential oils since it got both of the kids to sleep with no fuss! I finally had the perfect name! I loved it! But how does any of this matter to sailing? Well, the sound of it just seemed perfect for the name of a boat!

And so it began. This one name created a spark that quickly ignited a fire in me! My thought process shifted within a week to adjust the course of our lives to make this possible. Why don’t we get a boat? Why don’t we get a boat and travel the world? Why don’t we live on a boat and travel the world for years?!?!

Well to start, I have no money for a boat. Also, I have two children, although the more I research, the less I am considering this as a reason to not live aboard. Since this fire has started, I have been reading and researching and thinking and planning and talking to Stephen (and myself, although I try not to do that out loud 😉 ) and trying to write it all down. And thus, this blog was born! My goal is to shove off in 20 years. We are only 25 now, so we should have plenty of time to save enough money by then, although I hope it doesn’t take that long. I’ll keep you updated on our journeys in the meantime!


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