Keaiwa Heiau Camping

I am a bit late posting this, but I have been busy with packing, cleaning, and classes. We had our first land adventure earlier this month! It obviously wasn’t our first ever, but it was our first since starting this blog.

We went camping March 11-13 at the Keaiwa Heiau State Park! It was beautiful, and fun, and cold.

We took a roughly 4 mile hike, had hot chocolate with marshmallows, and made smores. Our hike was along the Aiea Loop Trail. It had some incredible views!!! We even got to see the WWII airplane that had unfortunately crashed there on its second flight. Stephen went off trail a little to get some better pictures and a better look. We found a Jackson’s Chameleon. The kids, and the Boy Scout Troop we were hiking and camping near, got a history lesson about the plane and a biology lesson before we put him back. The children named him Pickles! Hopefully Pickles has a nice long life and will help educate more hikers.

In our tents, I was freezing!!! I had my wonderful plaid fleece pjs on (in Hawaii) and was curled up in Stephen’s winter army sleeping system. The wind up there seeped through everything!!! Thankfully the hot fire and hot coffee in the morning was amazing! I recommend getting a french press if you don’t have one! Just boil the water and it works like tea! No coffee pot or electric needed. I loved our tent! We got it specifically for this trip because the kids would have their own tent and we would have the dog in ours, so Sophia’s teepee style owl tent wouldn’t work for them. We decided on this amazing 3 person tent. It was so easy to put up and I loved the awning in the front so I could keep shoes out of the rain and out of the tent. Then we slept in it. It was sweltering it there!!! We went to open the windows to let in some air, but I quickly realized that the wonderful tent that we loved so much could only have air flow if we go out of the tent and unzip the rainfly from the outside! This major design flaw really ruined the tent for us, so we are now looking into other options! We are always trying to improve our experiences. What we’ve learned from this adventure is that we need a tent with windows that open from the inside (preferably with the awning still), a lantern to see what we are eating if it gets dark quicker than expected, flip flops for everyone in case the ground in rocky at camp so we don’t wear boots the ENTIRE trip, and head lamps for everyone! We already can’t wait for our next trip!


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