Pearl Harbor/Arizona Memorial/Pacific Aviation Museum

On March 16, 2016 the family took a trip to visit Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, and the Pacific Aviation Museum located on Ford Island. These sites are amazing and humbling and beautiful in a horrible way. These historic sites were fun in a small way, in that we got to see all of the planes in the museum and the remnants of such beautiful ships. It also ended up being a quiet learning day for the kids, who at 6 and 4 realize that death happens and our freedom in America comes at a cost. This trip was amazing from a historic perspective. I spent much of the day explaining to the kids what everything meant and why it was so important to understand. The questions of why the attack happened definitely came up, which also proved to be a wonderful experience in teaching such small, innocent people that although such horrible interactions between America and Japan took place, we are working towards cooperation with each other and with a mutual understanding of respect between us because sometimes bad things happen and we cannot hate everyone who is different than us or everyone who does us wrong. This post has a more somber tone to it much like the day itself did, but it was a wonderful, educational, and inspiring trip to see and teach the children from nonetheless.


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