When It Rains, It Pours

Single momma life has just been getting harder and harder. I didn’t get that job I was really hoping for. I am still applying everywhere else that I can though! Not quitting!!! Finances are ridiculously tight right now. I have to figure out how to pay my rent by myself when we were only able to afford it by having multiple incomes in the house. I’m not eligible for any assistance because I’m not actually homeless. I am also trying to limit my work hours to school hours for now so I don’t have to pay a babysitter very much. I worked at McDonald’s before. I might just try to go back to that. It is at least something and I could pay the bills with that and Hallmark. I would have to sacrifice really any kind of social life and pray the babysitter could do overnights. I can do this!!!! What’s a little rain but something to make you appreciate the sunshine more, right?

So on to the pouring. My best friend, Arianna, had a sleepover last night since we both were scheduled to close tonight. We got some Teddy’s Bigger Burgers for lunch (amazingly delicious btw). We couldn’t stay long though because I had a meeting with Sophia’s teachers (concerned about a possible speech delay, which has been a long time concern). As we leave to go to the kids’ school, some young (18 year old) kid in a Ford F150 crashes right into the driver’s side of my nice pretty Jeep! Hit me hard enough to spin my Jeep 180°!!! There went my Tuesday, along with the possibility of me working, the door handle to my Jeep, and my poor tire that was just replaced!!! After a couple hours and a few dozen phone calls, my Jeep was towed away and Arianna and I were back at my house. She was ok and found a ride to work. I got the kids from school, rescheduled the meeting with Sophia’s teachers, and walked across the street to the ER. I am so sore!!! My elbow, neck, back, shoulder, and knee are all throbbing to various degrees. Thankfully they said nothing is broken and I should be ok within a couple days. Hopefully my Jeep gets fixed quickly! Until then we will  have a rental car and take it easy!!!!

Now about that sunshine!!! The weather of course in Hawaii is most of the time wonderful! I was going to try to get a tattoo this week, but that will definitely be put on hold now. Most of my sunshine now, besides from my munchkins, comes from the most amazing man I have had the pleasure to accidentally meet. I love spending time with him. He makes everything so easy. I am calm and peaceful arou d him and it is so natural to be with him and be myself. More details to come!!! There is a lot going on but I have to focus on some positives!