Life Improvements

I have had a lot of changes lately, so far all for the better, which is exciting and finally gives me time to breathe! I did call McDonald’s and ask if I can be put back on the schedule. They said yes in a heartbeat and I went straight into full time manager training! Not my career choice, but it is pretty simple work that pays the bills! Speaking of bills, I moved out of my apartment and am living with my friends, Matt and Abel! That really cuts down on the bills!!! Trying to save a little money! Still need to get the Jeep repaired, but it will take a month in the shop! I might try driving for Uber a bit too. My friend says that is pretty good money!

Life is still improving, and I’m trying to enjoy it rather than just waiting for the next foot to fall. I guess now that it is June, I can give a few details about this amazing man that I have in my life still. His name is Kyle. We met out dancing one night. He is the definition of a gentleman and makes me realize why no other relationship has worked out before. Ladies, there are men out there who are perfect! Wait for him! One of my friends just went through a breakup and I love her response! She told me that she “can’t keep begging to keep someone around when God is taking them away! I don’t wanna miss my real husband.” Kyle and I aren’t even close to talking about marriage yet, but I am here to tell everyone that you should never settle for less than absolutely perfect! Keeping that in mind though, a great man will not be great to you if you don’t deserve it. These great men (they do seem to be pretty rare) deserve to have great women too.

Braedyn’s foot was ran over by a car while crossing the street to school, and it has healed so well! There is just a scar now, but he still limps a bit from habit. Sophia has two VERY wiggly teeth on the bottom! They are both having a great summer so far. I think we might visit the zoo soon! Definitely need to go camping.

So, remember that amazing job that I interviewed for, but unfortunately didn’t get? Well, they called me this past week! There is another position that was opening up soon and they WANTED me to apply for it!!!! The day the position was posted externally I applied and called them to let them know. He said that he will call to schedule an interview as soon as he hears from HR! I am so excited, but trying not to get too excited again! Time will tell!!! Hopefully that will be in my next update!


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