What to Do, What to Read?!

I read a story about this couple who sold their house and all of their belongings and  started to live on their boat. Before the wife  would agree though, she required  a suitable library to be on the boat. This got me thinking about what I could do in my free time on this live-aboard adventure for a few years! The obvious answer is read!

Just about every time we go to Target, which isn’t really very often, my amazing husband always seems to get me a new book to read! Lugging a whole library of books however doesn’t seem very ideal to have on a boat,  primarily for the weight, but also for the potential sogginess that may ensue. Although I am slightly opposed to the idea of kindles since I really enjoy the feeling of holding a book in my hands and the smell and feel of the paper, I do realize the mobility and potential of a kindle or kindle app to outlast books. I have some books that have fallen to pieces which doesn’t happen to digital versions.

I have been trying to find good, inexpensive or free, books through kindle, and have been fairly unsuccessful. Stephen, being the wonderful and understanding, yet sensible husband he is, has decided I can have a $20 allowance for kindle books! This is so exciting for me because I didn’t want to buy any, mostly because I wouldn’t want to limit myself! Who needs to pay utilities and bills when you can have books, right!? Is that just me? Possibly. We do need to save for a boat however! I would love suggestions of books I should add to my collection, as well as comments as to what you do in your spare time, if you have any.

Where do we even begin???

We have extremely limited knowledge on boats. All we really know is that we need one that is big enough to hold our supplies, preferably still having enough room to be comfortable to live aboard for a few years, and that it needs to be small enough that 2 people can manage it without concern. Based on what I have come across so far, I am thinking we need something about 30′, but that could easily change if we see a boat and fall in love with it. Also, some sources say that 40-45′ is recommended for bluewater sailing. We aren’t going for speed, so smaller isn’t really necessary. I read about the Caliber 40 LRC, Hylas 46, Island Packet 420, Tartan 3700, and Valiant 42 as being good, affordable bluewater sailboats. The Tartan and Valiant have been fairly prominent in my readings so far, as well as the Westsails.  We also aren’t sure if we want catamaran, sailboat, or something else entirely, although we also aren’t really quite familiar with what these mean and what our options are! I think we need to start going to weekend boat shows! We are planning to take a basic keelboat sailing class soon, so hopefully we will know more about what we are getting into!!!